We are on a mission.
On a mission to provide the technological innovation that the dance scene has been waiting for.
Part of this mission is to make dance accessible for anyone, introverted, extroverted, living in L.A. or living in Vietnam. MOVZ lets you learn the dances you love at your own pace wherever you are.
Another part of that mission is to provide a platform for dancers to get the recognition they deserve. We are striving to become for dancers what Spotify is for musicians: a platform to monetize their talent on.
We know our goal but what the final product will be depends on you, our user!
Please get in touch with us for questions and feedback:

App Rating: 4.6

“I love this app like where have you been all this time? No more waiting for bad tutorials”


Marthe Lüebbers
Marthe Lübbers, CEO

“I love dancing and was always frustrated by how inaccessible dance is: my favorite dancers live in other cities and even if I could attend their dance classes I wouldn’t be able to learn the dance as fast as I could by myself simply by adjusting the dance videos to my needs and copying the moves. When Tiktok dances rose in popularity and noone yet offered this technology, I decided to do it myself.”

Chris Gross
Chris Gross, CMO

“I started seeing kids outside recording themselves dancing all the time. When I heard about Marthe’s idea, and researched the market, I knew she was onto something and joined her. The success of the initial web app anybodymovz.com proofed the concept and I am excited to use my corporate experience and help MOVZ app reach the youth all over the world to get people moving .”